No DNA Results – 10/31/13

We just received notification from the lab that there will not be any DNA parentage results forwarded to ASA tonight. They expect they will be ready and sent early next week.  If you were expecting results this week, please check back with me on Tuesday, November 5th for an update.  If you have any questions let me know at

THE Mail Out Packets – Spring 2014

We spent the morning putting together Spring 2014 THE packets to be mailed out to all THE members who do not have an email address linked to their account.  As you can see, I like to make these packets as colorful as possible. There is a reason for this, besides the fact that I happen to appreciate bright colors.  It allows staff to better assist members with their questions about the data we need them to return to ASA.  For example, we can reference the “pink”(calf data) or “green”(dam inventory) sheets. If you need a paper packet mailed out please send an email to or call our office and we’ll get one sent out!THE Mail Out

Webinar – November 5th

I will be hosting a webinar on Total Herd Enrollment(THE) the evening of Tuesday, November 5th at 6pm MST.  If you can join the discussion, we will be covering all three enrollment options and which one may best suit your herd.  There will also be a question and answer session following the presentation.  Hope you all can join!

RSVP today by visiting If you have questions please email



Ordering a DNA Kit

To order a DNA kit, follow these steps:

1) Email or call ASA with this information:

  • ASA registration number*
    *If the animal is unregistered we will need the tattoo, sex, sire and dam’s registration numbers
  • If you wish to have the GGP-HD testing ran the animal must be registered/on file with ASA in order for a kit to be sent
  • Testing you wish to have done
    i.e., GGP-HD, parent verification, genetic defects, horned/polled, coat color, dilutor, etc. Click Here for the pricing list.
  • You can fill out the DNA kit request form and email/fax/mail it to ASA with the above information which we will use to generate your kits.  Click here for the pdf version.

2) If you have a blood blotter(lab prefers) or hair collector on hand for the sample, we will need the above information in addition to the barcode off of the card.  We can then generate the paperwork to go along with your sample to GeneSeek. The only animals that should not use a blood blotter card are twins and requests for BVD-PI testing.

Remember, if you mail a sample to the lab, GeneSeek, without proper ASA paperwork it will delay the animal being placed into testing and you could be accessed additional fees.

If you have any questions let us know at

Spring 2014 THE Enrollment *Now Open*

Spring 2014 THE enrollment is now open! Log-in to Herdbook Services  today and submit your enrollment.

To get started once you are logged in, go to Data Entry, Online, select the Inventory tab from the left, make sure to click on Spring as the season and 2014 from the drop down for the year. Select the blue button that says Update 2014 – Spring THE Cow Inventory. This will start a job with all of the females you need to update loaded in it.  2014 Spring THETo sort the list, go to Options(top right hand side), select Sort. I suggest sorting by THE-BirthDt from the drop down for primary sort, and then Ascending from the drop down on the right. Select Sort. This will sort your females from oldest to youngest. The sort will need to be redone each time you save and exit the spreadsheet. Options Sort

Remember, you cannot delete females from your job, if the female is listed she needs to be updated as enrolled or removed. If you submit your inventory today through completion, you are able to adjust it as many times as you wish by completing another job up until the deadline, December 15, 2013, so there’s no reason not to enroll your dams today!

 Spring 2014 inventory deadline is December 15, 2013.

If you have any questions please email or call our office at 406.587.4531.