Enroll your Spring 2014 calving females today!

Have you submitted your Spring 2014 dam inventory yet? If not, check out page 33 of your November issue of the Register magazine for the tear-out insert that will walk you through from start to finish on how to complete the enrollment.  If you have any questions please let us know at the@simmgene.com or contact the office at 406.587.4531. Remember, the deadline to submit your inventory is December 15, 2013.

Here’s the link to a copy of the insert 2014 Tear Out Insert

How to Properly Collect a DNA Hair Sample

Have you checked out our short video tutorial on how to properly collect a hair sample for DNA testing?  Check it out at http://www.simmental.org/site/index.php/how-to-pull-hair-samples.There is also a set of printed instructions that gets mailed out with each DNA kit.  Here is a summary of the printed instructions.


  1. Check the tattoo/tag in the ear of the animal. Make sure tattoo/tag in ear matches the information on the hair collector form.

  2. For optimal results, Geneseek recommends to pull a pencil thickness of hair (25-40 follicles) from the switch of the animal’s tail making sure the root bulbs are clearly visible. Please ensure that the collected hair is dry and free of dirt, dung, and plant material. Do not pull hair from other areas of the body, as it may not produce the follicles necessary for testing. Place sample in hair collector card and insert card in to sealed plastic bag.

  1. Verify barcode on hair collector card matches ASA paperwork.

  2. Place hair collector card in to the plastic bag provided and mail with ASA generated paperwork in enclosed self-addressed envelope to:

4131 N. 48th St

*Do not enclose payment to Geneseek, ASA will bill your account once testing has been completed.

Place sample and ASA generated paperwork in to the self-addressed envelope and mail to the lab(see photo).  Once testing is complete the lab will report results to ASA, ASA uploads results to database and notifies the member who submitted the sample. Questions? Email dna@simmgene.com.

to mail

Next eSeminar on THE – Calf Data Reporting and Compliance

Tune in for my next eSeminar on THE calf data reporting called Compliance Made Simple on Tuesday, December 3, at 6pm MST.  We will go over how to report calf data/productivity codes on each female and navigate the online calf data entry spreadsheet. This will be a great chance to ask any questions you may have on online calf data entry.  Reserve your spot today by visiting www.simmental.org and signing up.

Did you miss the first session on THE – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3?  No worries, you can watch the recorded version at THE Easy as 123.

Webinar II

Reminder THE Webinar – Tonight

I will be hosting a webinar on Total Herd Enrollment(THE) the evening of Tuesday, November 5th at 6pm MST.  If you can join the discussion, we will be covering all three enrollment options and which one may best suit your herd.  There will also be a question and answer session following the presentation.  Hope you all can join!

RSVP today by visiting www.simmental.org. If you have questions please email the@simmgene.com.


EPDs now ENHANCED with Genomic Information

DNA50K logoResearchers at Iowa State University have developed a more accurate procedure for blending genomic information into EPDs.  ASA is now using this new procedure.  As of today, EPDs on all animals with genomic (50K or GGP-HD) have been enhanced with genomic information. Animals are identified in our online herdbook services site with a designation of GE if their EPDs are enhanced(see image below, look to the left hand side of the TraitTrac light).2144976-50K