Submitting DNA Soon? Expected Testing Timelines

If you are sending in DNA samples for testing through ASA and our licensed lab, GeneSeek, getting them in the mail sooner rather than later is ideal.  GeneSeek will be closed Tuesday, December 24 and Wednesday, December 25.  Samples need to arrive on Monday, December 23, in order to be logged in to test on Thursday, December 26.  GeneSeek will also be closed the following week on Wednesday, January 1.  Samples need to arrive on the normal schedule by noon on Tuesday, December 31, to be logged in to test on Thursday, January 2.  Remember, samples must be accompanied by paperwork that is generated by ASA, otherwise, testing may be delayed and extra expense incurred. During this time of year with holiday schedules, testing/reporting can take a little longer than the normal turnaround of 14-21 days, depending on what testing you are having done.  Plan ahead and get your sample(s) in test at least six weeks before you absolutely need results.  If you have any questions or concerns about DNA testing or sample(s) you have recently sent, please email or call our office 406.587.4531.

2014 Spring THE – Deadline 12/15/13

The Spring 2014 THE enrollment deadline is Sunday, December 15, 2013.  If you have not yet completed your inventory, please log-in to Herdbook Services and submit before the deadline.  For quick instructions, see Spring 2014 THE Enrollment blog post. You do not have to submit your 2013 calving data prior to completing your enrollment, however, if you have not submitted 2012 calf data, your account is in non-compliance and a message will appear(see graphic). You will need to submit the necessary 2012 calf/productivity data before the 2014 Spring inventory can be accepted.  For examples of how to complete this data, either view the Compliance webinar presentation or blog post  Screenshot from 2013-12-13 17:44:28How to Start a Calf Data Job Online.

If you have any questions email

Have You Submitted Your 2014 Spring THE?

The deadline for Spring 2014 THE is quickly approaching, in fact it’s only 4 days away! Start on your inventory before Friday, December 13, so that if you encounter errors or need assistance we’ll only be an email or phone call away.  One way to double check that your inventory is completed by the deadline of Sunday, December 15 is the following:
1) Log-in to Herdbook Services, go to Data Entry, select Online.  Make sure you are on the Inventory tab and Spring is highlighted as well as 2014 for the year.  Look below the graph and you will see a list of numbers and explanations. If you’re enrolled, it will show the number of females Enrolled in THE and Culled(see first graphic).  If you have not submitted an inventory yet it will show the number of dams you have Pending(see second graphic). If you submit your inventory by selecting Hold Until Payment Received, then your dams will not appear as enrolled on the inventory screen until your account balance is zero.  Rest assured, if your job status is Pending Payment then you have completed your enrollment and once payment has been made the dams will show as enrolled.  If you have any questions let us know at
Enrollment CompleteNot enrolled

How to Download/Upload THE Inventory to Update

If you prefer to download a spreadsheet and work on it offline to complete your THE inventory, follow these steps to download your file.
Log-in to Herdbook Services, go to Data Entry, select Download.  From the Default Groups select 2014 Spring THE Females and on the right select Enrollment Form.  Down below, leave the load group as defaulted on Animals.  Select the file type you wish to download such as MS Excel, then click on the blue button that says Download.  This will download your file so you can save and work on it offline.  Screenshot from 2013-12-05 11:53:50

Once you have completed your inventory, you will log back in to Herdbook Services, go to Data Entry, select Upload. Give your job a title such as 2014 Spring THE Inventory, select Type Animal Enrollment, browse to locate your saved file, then select Upload File. It will show that it is running error checks and then have a button that says Proceed to Billing or Edit Job.  The Proceed to Billing will take you to invoicing screen, where you can either Add Payment(enter in credit/debit card payment) or Hold Until Payment Received(this locks in your enrollment rate).

The Edit Job indicates there are errors that need to be corrected before job can be completed.  Once in your spreadsheet there is a tab above the blue column headers labeled errors. Click there, scroll through your inventory to view any error(s) that appear.  Screenshot from 2013-12-05 11:58:42Make corrections and once all errors are gone you can select Submit Data.  It will run through error checks again, if everything goes well you will see the Proceed to Billing button, then follow instructions listed above to complete job.  If you have any questions or need assistance email or call our office at 406.587.4531.

THE – How to Start a Calf Data Job Online

If you participate in Total Herd Enrollment(THE), each female listed on your inventory will need to have a calf or productivity code reported for the calving season/year.  Spring enrolled females calf data/productivity codes should be turned in by December 15 of the same year and Fall enrolled females by June 15 of the following year.  To start a job and report your calf data/productivity codes for the year, follow these steps.
Screenshot from 2013-12-03 09:10:19Log-in to, select Data Entry, Online. Make sure to select the Inventory tab from the left hand side options. Make sure you are on the season, either Spring or Fall, select the year you wish to report calf data/productivity from the drop down, then select the blue button, Update 201X – Spring Calves or Update 201X – Fall Calves.Screenshot from 2013-12-03 09:36:24 This will start you a calf data/productivity spreadsheet with all of your females enrolled in that season/year pre-loaded. Make sure each female in the spreadsheet receives a calf reported for that year or a productivity code(reason why she did not calve).  Report calf data under the Animal tab if the dam had a calf in the given year.  If the dam did not calve, click on the BrthDam tab(next to animal), go to the Productivity column, enter in the appropriate code and then fill in the Productivity Year column with the year you are recording a code for instead of a calf record, i.e., if the dam did not calve in 2013 because she came up open and was shipped, you would enter in a code 9 – (Exposed and failed to conceive – removed from herd) and productivity year as 2013(see example below).
Screenshot from 2013-12-03 09:58:46If you have any questions, please email or call our office.