2014 Spring THE Late Enrollment – Get it Updated Today!

2014 Late Enroll PacketsDid you accidentally miss the deadline of December 15, 2013 to enroll your Spring 2014 THE females?  No worries, you just need to follow these steps to get it updated by February 15, 2014. If you update by February 15, you will receive full credit for removed females and have an accurate count of enrolled females.  You can either update your inventory online(see instructions below) or complete the paper enrollment that was mailed out yesterday to all members who were late enrolled.

Quick Instructions to Update Inventory Online

  1. Select Herdbook Online Services

  2. Log In by entering

    • 6-digit member number (zero filled example: 000317)
    • Password

    3. Under Data Entry select Online
    4. On the inventory tab make sure the year selected is 2014 and the season is Spring
    5. Choose Update 2014 – Spring THE Cow Inventory button
               – This will load your preliminary inventory into the spreadsheet with a row for each female.
    6. Since each female has been automatically enrolled, there is a T in the A/B/C/N column for each dam. If you are removing a female, you will need to fill in a removal code(60-82) in the primary code column and update the T to an N.  If you want the female to remain on inventory, you can leave the T in there if you are enrolling your herd in Option A.  If you are wanting to enroll your herd in Option B or C, you will need to fill in either B or C to the column instead.
    7. If you need to add any additional females, scroll to the bottom of the job and enter them on a blank row by their ASA registration numbers.
          *Please note: If your dam has had a calf reported to her or has been enrolled in THE previously, she will have a number in ASA’s system. Please enter that number into the AnmRegNbr column so that a new dam record does not get created.
    8. When late enrollment occurs, each female on the preliminary inventory is enrolled in Option A and invoiced $16.00.  If you are adjusting this inventory and wish to only pay half of the $16.00 fee now and be invoiced the second half later on in the year, please go to the Bill Code column and type in an H.  The default is set to bill the full amount, so if you leave it blank the full amount of $16.00 will be charged upon submission for Option A, $1.00 for Option B or $8.50 for Option C.
    9.  Since you adjusting your enrollment, there may be errors until you hit the button that says Submit Data.  This will run your inventory through error checks and clear out any errors that have been updated/fixed by you.  If the error check completes and there is a button that says Edit Job, click on that and it will take you back to your spreadsheet where you can make the necessary corrections(see #10). If you receive the Proceed to Billing button, skip to #11.
    10.  If there are Errors and/or Warnings,
    Errors (indicated in red at beginning of row) or Warnings (indicated in purple at beginning of row)
    Move cursor to the top of spreadsheet and select tab labeled Errors or Warnings
    – Screen will display each error or warning
    – Errors must be corrected before submitting data to ASA
    – Warnings may need to be corrected before submitting to ASA
    – Jobs may be submitted to ASA with warnings, but not errors
    11. Once all cows have been given an enrollment or at least one removal code and there are not any errors, select Submit Data
    A new page will display; if there are no errors, a Proceed to Billing link will be available
    Select the Proceed to Billing link to display a billing summary. Since your account has already been invoiced the late enrollment fees,  your invoice will be crediting you back the $16.00/dam and charging any necessary fees for enrollment based upon the updates you are submitting. If you have any questions on
    your invoice please call ASA before proceeding through the payment screen.
    Choose one of the following payment options to complete your job:

    • If you wish to complete payment with a credit card select Add Payment. Enter in your credit card information and select confirm. You will then need to select the button Final Submit(Only click once). A screen will then show an invoice that you can print and store in your records. It should also say Invoice Status : Complete.
    • If you would rather mail a check to ASA, select Hold Until Payment Received. A screen will then show an invoice with the current amount due that you can print and store in your records. Note: enrollments will not be completed until payment is received.

    ***Please double check to make sure your inventory job is complete. If you go to Data Entry, select Online and on the left hand side choose Job List. If your Inventory Dam 2014 S job is listed with a button that says Resume, it is still at an incomplete status. Select Resume and submit your job through completion. The inventory needs to be adjusted by February 15, 2014 to receive credit for removed females or to update females to Option B or C.
    If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office by emailing the@simmgene.com or phoning 406.587.4531.