Fall 2014 THE Deadline is Fast Approaching

Do you have females that will be calving July 1-December 31, 2014?  The Fall 2014 Total Herd Enrollment(THE) deadline to enroll those females is June 15, 2014.  Submit your inventory today online via Herdbook Services, or request an emailed/mailed copy and return to ASA by the June 15 deadline. Click here for online enrollment instructions. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your enrollment, please email the@simmgene.com or call our office at 406.587.4531.

Fall 2014 deadline

Deadline is June 15, 2014

Moving a Dam from Fall to Spring THE Inventory

Fall 2014 enrollment is in full swing and many member’s are working on and submitting their updated inventory. Inventory’s are due to ASA by June 15, 2014.  During enrollment, questions arise about THE billing, especially if you are moving dams from Fall to Spring.

Here’s a quick breakdown.

  • On your Fall 2014 THE, if you are using a primary code 2(dam not exposed-move to next season) or 3(dam exposed and failed to conceive-move to next season), you must fill in A/B/C since the female is remaining on your inventory, just moving forward to Spring 2015.
  • A dam is invoiced based upon the enrollment option chosen, per calendar year(January 1-December 31) she is enrolled.
    • Yes, even if the dam will not have a calf in given calendar year
  • If dam has a primary code 2 or 3
    • and marked as Option A, $15.00 will be invoiced for her calendar year 2014 fees.
    • and marked as Option B, her enrollment for 2014 calendar year is FREE
    • and marked as Option C, $7.50 will be invoiced for her calendar year 2014 fees.
  • When you enroll your Spring 2015 dams(October 15-December 15, 2014) any dams you moved forward from Fall 2014 will be listed.  If the dam receives an enrollment code(0,4,5 or 6) she will be billed according to her enrollment Option since it’s a new calendar year, 2015.

You are able to designate to pay half the fees due upon submission of your inventory by filling an H in to the BillCode column of your THE inventory.  If you do not fill in an H,  the default is to bill the full(F) amount for enrollment at the time of submission.

If you have any questions on THE invoicing please email the@simmgene.com or call our office and we can answer them.

New TraitTrac Guide

At the April board meeting, the ASA Board of Trustees voted unanimously to remove the color system from TraitTrac and add all genetic conditions with available tests into our TraitTrac system (including the most recent condition, developmental duplication). While the existing TraitTrac has worked well for years, it gives a false impression that “green” animals are clear of genetic defects – they are only clear of the ones we know about. Furthermore, this gives us flexibility to add new conditions to TraitTrac relatively simply as they are discovered. In the new TraitTrac system, the main animal page says “TraitTrac” if an animal has no results on any genetic conditions. TraitTracIf the statement “Check for available results” appears under “TraitTrac” then there is additional information on this animal. Free Animal TraitTracIf the word Check is bold, the animal has a carrier in the lineage, a population risk or is a tested carrier for at least one genetic defect based upon the information currently in the database. Click on the TraitTrac to view all genetic defect information on any particular animal.
  Bold Check TraitTrac

Each genetic condition has an abbreviation (see legend graphic)TraitTrac Legend and an abbreviation for the animal status for each condition (same as before; TF = Tested Free, PF = Parentage Free, DF = Documented Free, AF = Assumed Free, HC = Homozygous Carrier, TC = Tested Carrier, DC = Documented Carrier, CL = Carrier in Lineage, DL = Documented Carrier in Lineage, or PR = Population Risk).

As before, when ASA receives test results on a particular animal, TraitTrac will update the status for that particular animal and also populate the results for their progeny. In other words, if an animal is tested free for DD, the animal will be updated as tested free (TF) and all the animal’s progeny will be updated to recognize parentage free (if both parents are free). On the other hand, progeny of a tested carrier animal will all have carrier in lineage unless the progeny has test results themselves.

 In summary, the new TraitTrac system will work much like the old system except there is no color associated with the status of the animal. All known genetic conditions with available tests will be included in TraitTrac including developmental duplication. This means that genetic holds may appear on some animals that were clear previously if there is a risk of the condition in the lineage. In the TraitTrac page, test results on an individual animal will be stated in text for each condition with an expandable pedigree. This system will provide information to the membership and public to make sound breeding decisions with test results on known genetic conditions.

Getting Ready for Breeding Season?

GGP-HD logo

Are you getting ready to send a sire off for collection or flush a donor dam?  Here’s a reminder on what testing needs to be on file with ASA for an animal to qualify as an AI sire/Donor Dam.

*Any AI Sire/Donor Dam (including other breed animals and commercial)

  • Any animal DNA tested after May 1, 2012, will need to provide proof that the GGP-HD/50K genomic testing has been completed. If the animal is registered with ASA as a Foundation animal, proof of a genomic panel can be obtained from the primary breed Association if the animal is Angus, Red Angus, Maine-Anjou or Hereford. If the primary breed Association does not offer a genomic panel, member’s can submit a sample through ASA for GGP-HD analysis.
  • If animal is a Foundation, SNPs/STRs will need to be forwarded from the other breed Association along with the date animal was DNA typed.

*Any AI Sire/Donor Dam (including other breed animals and commercial)

  • If the animal was DNA tested prior to May 1, 2012, member’s do not need to provide proof of GGP-HD/50K genomic testing. Animal will be be approved as AI/Donor Dam based off the date DNA was completed provided by the primary breed Association.

*Any Sire used to service a Donor Dam

  • Even if the sire live covers the donor dam, sire is required to meet AI sire requirements in order for ET progeny to be registered.

*TraitTrac status – Genetic Defect Testing

If a sire or donor dam contains an 1/8 of a suspect breed population and carries a designation of population risk or carrier in lineage for genetic defects, they will need to be tested for each of the defects displaying PR/CL under TraitTrac to prevent progeny holds.  Regardless of the results of the testing, i.e. the animal tests as a carrier, the record will be updated and progeny able to be registered and certificates issued.

To request a DNA kit please see post on Ordering a DNA Kit. Please contact dna@simmgene.com or call the ASA office at 406.587.4531 if you have questions.