Fall THE – 3 days to Deadline

Fall THE enrollments are due to ASA by Sunday, June 15, 2014. For step by step instructions, click here to view my blog post on Fall 2014 THE opening. Don’t wait until the last minute, start working on your inventory today so that we can assist you with any questions you may have tomorrow(Friday), since we won’t be open Saturday or the deadline day, Sunday, June 15.
A question we frequently get asked at enrollment time is, “Can’t I pay just half of the fees now, half later?”  The answer is yes, however, you have to indicate that you only wish to be billed half of the fees by filling in an H in to the BillCode column of your spreadsheet.  If you leave the BillCode column blank it will default to bill the full amount (F) due up front.  You only need to fill in one H in to the BillCode column of a female being enrolled for it to make that your default.  You can only choose H(Half) or F(Full) and that will apply to your entire inventory. If you have questions please let us know by emailing the@simmgene.com or calling our office at 406.587.4531.

Example of Filled Out Enrollment

Fall 2014 THE Inventory Example

THE Inventory – Error Help

If you are enrolling your dams in Total Herd Enrollment using our online data entry system, here’s some of the most frequent errors that are encountered and how you can fix them.

Error – Another job: XXXXXX has/had this animal loaded. Line must be DELETED and/or reloaded after fixing

Loaded in Another Job

Fix –  Somehow one or more dam(s) are loaded in another inventory job.  Note down the job number it lists on the error. Click on Save/Exit.  You’re now on your incomplete jobs tab.  Take a look at your incomplete jobs and see if the interfering job number is one listed there.  If it is, you either need to delete the old job or resume and delete the conflicting dam entry.  If you delete the whole job, you can resume your current job, hit submit data and it will clear the errors.  If you only delete the one animal entry, you will need to resume your current job, delete the dam and re-enter her in order for the error to clear. If the interfering job is not on your incomplete jobs listing, please contact ASA for assistance.

Delete Job

Error – The following animals are listed as enrolled with a Pending Code(P). They will need to be updated/included in the job before it can be submitted.Pending DamsFix – Somehow one or more dam(s) got removed from your online spreadsheet.  Each of the dam(s) listed under the error sentence must be entered back in to the inventory sheet and assigned an enrollment/removal code.  Click on the Edit Job button, it will take you back to your spreadsheet.  On a blank row(s), enter in the missing dam(s), a primary code amd an enrollment option.  You will not be able to submit your inventory to ASA until each of the dams ASA has pre-loaded on your preliminary inventory have been updated. 

Error – Animal has been disposed, cannot enroll

Calf Removal Code

Dam Inventory Job

Fix – The animal has been given a Calf Removal code that needs to be removed before the dam can be placed on inventory.  A calf removal code is assigned to an animal prior to 18-months-of-age and used to indicate the animal has been removed from the herd/culled. To remove this code and correct the animal record, you need to create a calf data job, load the animal, go to the Calf Removal column(see graphic below) and backspace/delete the number that’s in there. Hit your enter key so the calf removal field goes blank.  Submit the job through completion.  Resume your THE inventory job, hit Submit Data and once it runs through error checks this error will clear since it’s no longer relevant.Calf Removal Code
– Herd Enrolled as A; cant enroll this animal as B

Same Option Error
Fix – All registered dams with Simmental as their primary breed association have to be enrolled in the SAME option.  What does this mean? It means that you have to choose one option for ALL your registered Simmental animals.  Foundation females or commercial females(indicated by parentheses around the number) can be enrolled in any option, regardless of how the rest of your herd is enrolled.  If you see the above error, check the A/B/C/N column to make sure that all registered females being enrolled are marked the same. Once you have made the correction, the error will still be there until you hit Submit Data and the system runs error checks.  If the error is no longer valid, it will clear.

Error – Animal must be female to enroll

Animal is listed as MaleFix – First and foremost, please double check to make sure the animal registration number is the correct dam you want to enroll on inventory.  If it is, an update needs to be made to correct the sex from male to female on the animal record. To make the correction of the animal, create a calf data job, load the animal, go to the Sex column(see graphic below) and backspace/delete the letter that’s in there. Hit your enter key so the sex field goes blank.  Click back in to the cell and enter in C for cow.  Hit your enter/tab key or take your cursor and click in to a different cell so the database saves your correction. Submit the job through completion.  This will correct the animal record to a female. Resume your THE inventory job, hit Submit Data and once it runs through error checks this error will clear since it’s no longer relevant.Correct Sex of an AnimalIf you have questions or concerns on your THE inventory/enrollment job please contact our office at the@simmgene.com or 406.587.4531.