July DNA Updates – Hair to Blood

It’s been an exciting spring/summer in DNA services. I attended a breed advisory meeting at GeneSeek in early July, where we convened to discuss better ways to serve you, our customer base. It’s always helpful to swap ideas with other breed associations and discover how each of our methods differ or are similar.
During this meeting, GeneSeek provided us with a tour of their new facility and allowed us to walk through each step of the DNA process, from sample reception to the actual data analysis. This walk through helped me to gain a better understanding of lab procedures, which in turn will allow me to provide you with more complete explanations when needed.
One major item that came out of the discussion is we will be transitioning to utilizing blood collector cards instead of hair cards. The major reason for this change is efficiency. Root bulbs on the hair cards have to be manually punched by a person which as you can imagine can be cumbersome. Blood collector cards allow the process to be more automated, cutting the time for that particular station in half. A second reason is the sample failure rate appears to be slightly lower than it is for hair. The ultimate goal is to improve turnaround time, which is a win/win for all parties.
As always, ASA and GeneSeek are committed to continually improving our DNA methods and strive to provide you with the best service possible. A large portion of the improvement process comes from customer’s constructive feedback, so please email dna@simmgene.com or call 406.587.4531 with any feedback you may have.

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