Checking the list, checking it twice…

Tis’ the season to enroll your Spring 2015 calving dams in Total Herd Enrollment(THE).  All THE participants must submit an inventory every year to update your current list of calving age females.  The deadline to submit your inventory is December 15, 2014, which is right around the corner.  Get logged in to Herdbook Services today or this weekend and make sure to get your dam list updated and double check it once it’s been completed.  For a copy of THE enrollment instructions, click here. You are not required to submit your Spring 2014 calves prior to enrolling your dams for Spring 2015, however, you must have all 2013 calving/productivity data completed.  If an error message comes up asking for 2013 calf data to be reported, click here for a quick refresher on how to report that missing data.

To double check the enrolled females after submitting, follow these steps:

Go to Data Search, select Special Reports

Total Herd Enrollment

Enrollments by year

Enter in the Enroll Year, in this case, 2015

For the season you can either leave it blank or fill in a capital S

Select Get Results

This will show you a list of all females you enrolled in Spring 2015.  If you want to double check your cull list, once you go to Total Herd Enrollment, select Culls by year.  Enter in the Enroll Year and season, Get Results.  This will display a list of all the females you culled.

If you have any questions or concerns please email or call our office 406.587.4531.

THE 2015 x-mas

Introducing a Lower Cost DNA Testing Option – (GGP-LD)

Lower Cost DNA Test Now Available: ASA is offering a new DNA test, GGP-LD (Low Density), which is the functional equivalent of GGP-HD (High Density).  GGP-LD delivers parental validation, as well as essentially the same genetic evaluation information as GGP-HD, at a cost of only $50.

 Given the much lower cost of GGP-LD, why would a breeder use GGP-HD?

The major difference between GGP-HD and GGP-LD is that HD provides information for ASA’s training population.  Therefore, to ensure that we continue to collect the genotypes so valuable to building our training population, ASA has maintained the requirement that AI sires and donor dams must have GGP-HD on file.  Therefore, if you anticipate an animal eventually falling into either of those categories, you will want to have GGP-HD rather than GGP-LD performed.

Which animals should a breeder consider using GGP-LD on?

It is recommended to run GGP-LD on herd sires and replacement heifers.  The $50.00 spent on testing will yield value in these animals in the way of maternal, performance, carcass traits and parent verification(if parent(s) have DNA on file).

Please contact or 406.587.4531 with any questions you may have about GGP-LD testing.