Deadline to Enroll Spring 2015 Calving Dams – 12/15/14

The deadline to enroll your Spring 2015 calving females is on Monday, December 15, 2014.  Any dams that will calve January 1-June 30 should be listed on a spring calving inventory. Log-in to Herdbook Services today and get started. To print the instructions for online enrollment, click here.  For a list of THE enrollment and removal codes, click here.

FAQs on THE enrollment

Q) If my donor dam has been removed from the herd but I still have embryos in the tank, do I have to keep her on inventory?

A) No. A dam should be removed from your inventory as soon as she leaves your herd, including donor dams.  You will be able to register frozen embryo calves at later dates and you will be charged based off one of the following: a) If you enroll your recipient dam in Option A, when you register the ET calf linked to that recip dam, you will not be charged for the registration since you have paid the $15.00 on the recip dam.  b) If the recipient dam is not enrolled in THE(cooperator herds, purchased pregnancies, etc.) you will leave the recip dam information blank and report the donor dam.  You will be billed for the ET registration based on how your herd is enrolled. If your herd is Option A, you will be billed $15.00 to register the ET calf. If your herd is Option B, you will be billed either $30.00, $40.00 or $50.00 depending on the age of the ET calf at the time of request.

Q) How do I indicate to only pay half the fees for enrollment now and half later?

A) There is a column on your online enrollment spreadsheet, over to the right labeled BillCode.  The default is to bill the full amount, so if you only want to pay half the fees you need to fill in at least one H in to the BillCode column on a dam you are enrolling.  That will set your fees to half.

Q) What if the dam is supposed to be on my Fall 2015 inventory instead of Spring 2015?

A) If the dam is moving to Fall 2015 because she’s always been a Fall calver and you’re not sure why she came up on your Spring THE, enter in a code 2 for the primary code and the enrollment type needs to be the same as your other females, either A, B or C.  If the dam needs to move to Fall 2015 because she came up open and didn’t get bred back for a Spring 2015 calf, place a 3 in the primary code and once again, either an A, B or C.  The code 2 or 3 will move these dams to your Fall 2015 preliminary inventory and when you update your Fall enrollment(April 15-June 15, 2015) you will adjust their enrollment/removal codes as needed.

Q) When I submit my inventory it comes up with the following error message, what do I need to do?

Screenshot from 2014-12-12 09:13:01

Calf Data Needed

A) In the above example, this member is lacking 2013 calf or productivity records on 4 dams.  If this error message appears and you’re working on an Inventory job, you need to click on the blue button, Edit Job.  This will take you back to your inventory spreadsheet. Click on Save and Exit. On the left hand side you have four tabs, click on the bottom one that says Manual Job.  Enter in a job Title, for example, 2013 Calf Data.  On the right hand side, under the Group, the last option says Dams Not in Compliance. Click on it.  Then, click the black dot in to As Dams(currently in As Animals). Once you’ve entered in a Title, clicked on Dams Not in Compliance and As Dams, select the blue button down below that says Start New Job. It will start you a calf data spreadsheet with the dams loaded that we need 2013 data reported on. 

How to Start a Calf Data Job for Non-Compliance

How to Start a Calf Data Job for Non-Compliance

If the dam had a 2013 born calf, fill in all the required columns: animal tattoo, sire registration number, tattoo location, sex, date of birth, MBC(multiple birth code), AI, H/P/S and Color.  If the dam did not have a calf, report a productivity code by clicking on the BrthDam tab, enter in the appropriate code to Productivity and the Productivity Year column fill in 2013.  Once you have filled either a calf or productivity code in for each of the females and there are no errors, hit Submit Data.  It will proceed through error checks and you should see a button that says Proceed to Billing. The last button you will need to select is Final Submit on the invoice screen.  When this is done, you will be able to go back to your incomplete jobs and resume your 2015 dam inventory job and get that done as well.

Remember, the most important item to get completed by Monday, December 15, 2014,  is your Spring 2015 dam inventory list.

If you have more questions please email or call our office at 406.587.4531 for assistance.