Fall THE Inventory Deadline is Today – June 15

If you have dams that will be calving to July 1 to December 31, 2015, the deadline to submit/postmark a Fall calving inventory is Monday, June 15, 2015.

  • Click here to view the online enrollment instructions.
  • Click here to view the enrollment/removal codes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: There is a dam(s) listed on my Fall 2015 inventory that calved in the Spring of 2015. How do I code her?

A: Go ahead and assign a primary code of 0, enrollment type the same as your other dams(either A,B or C).  Submit your inventory through completion.  After completing your enrollment, either email the@simmgene.com or call our office with the dam(s) registration numbers that need to be moved to Spring 2015 and we will move them for you.

Q: I don’t have a Fall calving herd, why am I receiving Fall 2015 enrollment notifications?

A: It is a possibility that when your Spring 2015 inventory was turned in, a dam might have received a primary code 2 or 3, therefore moving them to a Fall preliminary inventory.  If the dam needs to be moved back to Spring 2015, see question/answer above for instructions on how to take care of getting the dam moved back to Spring 2015.  If the dam needs to be moved forward to Spring 2016, fill out the inventory and assign the dam a primary code 2 or 3, effectively moving them forward to Spring 2016.
The other possibility is that you purchased a female that was previously listed on a Fall calving schedule.  If this is the case, contact ASA for assistance in moving the dam to where she needs to be.

Q: I have an error that says the dam is loaded in another job.  The job number it gives me is not in my incomplete jobs list.  How do I fix the error?

A: Typically this occurs in cases where you have either purchased an animal or sold an animal.  If you purchased the animal, it is more than likely loaded in the seller’s inventory.  Delete the row from your job, submit the rest of your inventory through completion.  Send an email to the@simmgene.com or call the office to let us know that dam needs to be added to your enrollment. If you sold the animal, call ASA for assistance since we will need to work with you to get the error cleared up.

Q: When I hit submit data, the following message comes up on my screen. What does it mean?

Pending Dams

A: This error message comes up when dam(s) have been removed from your online job that we show on your preliminary inventory.  You cannot simply delete the row with your dam on it from your online job. Each dam listed on your preliminary inventory needs to be assigned an enrollment/removal code.  In the picture above, this member needs to add these 9 dams back to the inventory job and assign them the appropriate codes.  Once they have been updated as enrolled/removed in the online job, you should be able to hit submit data and proceed to billing.

Q: When I hit submit data, the following message comes up asking me for calf data to be reported.  How do I take care of that?

Spring 2014

A: First and foremost, note down what year/season the system is asking for the calf data from.  Currently, all data from Spring 2014 calving season and prior should already be submitted.  If there are a few dams missing calf data/productivity codes, they will be listed on your screen.  Click here to view instructions on how to start an online job and get this taken care of.  Once the data has been submitted through completion you will be able to resume your enrollment job and complete it.

If you have more questions not covered above or just need assistance with your enrollment please contact our office at 406.587.4531 or the@simmgene.com.