THE – How to Check if Your Herd is in Compliance

First and foremost, let’s explain what compliance is.  If you’re enrolled in Total Herd Enrollment(THE), each dam on your inventory either needs to have a calf reported to her for the calendar year or a reason why she did not calve(using a productivity code).

The timeline for the calf data reporting is as follows:

Spring Calving Herds(January 1-June 30) – Report calf data/productivity codes by December 15 of the same year.
Fall Calving Herds(July 1-December 31) – Report calf data/productivity codes by June 15 of the following year.

If you report a calf/productivity code by the dates mentioned above for each female enrolled for the given season, your account is considered to be in compliance with THE calf data reporting requirements.  If you have dams that do not receive a calf/productivity code reported, your account falls in to non-compliance and you’re unable to process any registrations/transfers on your account until the missing calf data/productivity codes are submitted.

A visual way to check if you’re in compliance is to log-in to Herdbook Services and take a look at the graph under Data Entry, and select Online.  Make sure to select the year and season you want to check out.  It defaults to the current season/year.  In the example below, 2014 and Fall are selected.  As you can see, in red under the graph it indicates this account is not in compliance.  The top line for THE Reporting shows 65/85 records reported, or 76%.  There are 20 dams missing calf data/productivity codes that were enrolled in 2014 Fall THE.  To see which dams are lacking information, you can pull a report by following the steps outlined below.THE GraphTo check if you have submitted all the calf data/productivity codes on your herd for the year, follow these steps.

  1. Log-in to Herdbook Services
  2. Go to Data Search, select Special Reports
  3. Select Total Herd Enrollment(about 3/4 of the way down the list)
  4. Select THE Cows without Productivity
  5. Type in the Enroll Year you wish to look at, i.e., 2015
  6. Type in the season with a capital S for spring or F for fall
  7. Select Get Results

This will display a report of all dams that do not have a calf/productivity code reported for the given year/season you entered.  This is simply a report, listing the dams lacking data, it’s not a document you can update/upload to the database.  In order to update the calf data/productivity for the indicated dams, you will need to start an online data entry job and enter in the information.  If the reports states 0 results found, make sure to double check that you entered a capital S or F in for the season. If you enter in a lower case letter the report will not work.  If you did enter in a capital S or F and it still says 0 results found, congratulations, you’re in compliance for the given year/season.

It’s always a great idea to check out this query after you’ve entered in all your data for the season since it might list a few dams that you accidentally overlooked on the initial reporting.  If you have any questions or need assistance with calf data reporting, email or call our office at 406.587.4531.


Question : The dams on the list all had calves that we steered and shipped.  How do I report that?

Answer : Since you participate in THE, each dam you enroll needs to have a calf or productivity code reported.  Since you only use productivity codes if the dam does not calve, it is expected that you will record all calves born, every year, into our database, including the calves that you do not retain in the herd.

Question : I sold the dam as a bred female prior to calving and transferred her paper.  Why is she coming up on my list?

Answer : Since you enrolled the dam in THE for the given year, she remains on your enrollment until the following year when she can be removed as sold.  If she left your herd as a bred female you need to report a productivity code of an 11, and the productivity year would be the year the dam was enrolled in THE that is lacking data.  The good news in this scenario is if you enrolled the female in Option A, the buyer will be able to benefit by registering the calf from that year for free.

Question : Where can the productivity code column be found on the online calf data reporting spreadsheet?

Answer : Under the BrthDam tab.  Make sure to load your dam under the DamRegNbr column and not the AnmRegNbr column.  Productivity ReportingMore questions?  Email and we can get them answered for you.