THE – Should Donors and Recipient Dams be Enrolled?

The whole premise of Total Herd Enrollment(THE) revolves around EVERY dam that is managed on your farm/ranch needs to be enrolled on inventory. This includes donor dams and recipient females IF you are managing them within your herd. Submitting calving data on all cows within a herd each year allows analysts to be close on such traits as fertility and heifer pregnancy.

Donor Dams If the donor is enrolled, her natural calf from the calendar year can be registered at *THE rates.

Recipient DamsIf the recipient dam is enrolled, and THE fees paid, the calf she has(whether ET or natural), can be registered at *THE rates.

Embryo Transfer(ET) Calves – If the recipient dam was not enrolled and paid for on a THE inventory, you pay per ET calf registered based off how the majority of your herd is enrolled in THE, i.e., if your herd is enrolled as Option A, you will be charged $15.00/ET calf registered.

*THE rates for calf registration are as follows: Option A – Free of Charge, Option B and Option C – $30.00 for calves under 10 months of age, $40.00 for calves between 10-15 months and $50.00 for calves over 15 months of age.


Q : If my donor dam is deceased, do I remove her from inventory? What if I still have frozen embryos in the tank?

A : Once a female dies or leaves the herd, including donor dams, you assign them a removal code and they will be taken off your active inventory list. When you report/register the frozen embryo calves, the system will allow you to do so and bill a registration fee per ET calf based off how your herd is enrolled.

Q : Why should I enroll a recipient dam?

A : ASA does not require the recipient dam to be enrolled in order for an ET calf to be registered. If the recipient female will continue to be managed within your herd, whether she has a natural calf/ET calf year to year, she should be enrolled.

Q : What if I’m contracting with a cooperator herd, how do I list the recipient dam information on the calf registration form?

A : You will not enroll the recipient dam on your THE inventory since it is not a female you manage within your own herd. When you report/register the ET calf, the recipient dam information will be left blank and you will list the donor dam and sire. A registration fee will be accessed for the registration on the ET calf based off how your herd is enrolled.

If you have further questions please email or call our office at 406.587.4531.