DNA Results – Realistic Expectations

Once you have collected a DNA sample either utilizing an ASA provided kit or a lab provided sample card, you are responsible for mailing the sample along with official ASA 2D barcode/paperwork to the GeneSeek lab.

Once GeneSeek receives the sample it is expected to enter processing within 3-5 business days as long as proper paperwork has been filed with ASA. Hair samples will see a longer turnaround time since they are only processed one time per week. Allflex TSUs and blood are the preferred sampling methods.

If samples arrive without official ASA paperwork/2D barcode stickers, they will NOT be placed in to test until the appropriate requests have been filed. This can add anywhere from 7-14 days to the turnaround time, depending on communication between ASA and the submitting member. Please do not mail samples without proper ASA documentation.

It will take approximately 4 weeks for results to be reported to ASA. This time can vary depending on the time of year or type of testing requested. Keep in mind, December through March are the highest volume months and samples may be in test longer than other months.

There is NO WAY TO EXPEDITE DNA testing at GeneSeek.

Once results are reported to ASA from Geneseek, members will receive reports of testing either via email (if email address is listed on the account) or by mail. At this time testing fees will be invoiced to the ASA member’s account.

If the animal is registered/on-file in the database, all results are viewable if the owner is logged into Herdbook Services by searching the animal record and clicking on DNA details. Click here for more information on how to view DNA reports.

If you have additional questions please email dna@simmgene.com or call our office at 406.587.4531 and choose 4 to be connected to the DNA department.

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Spring 2018 – Late Enrollment

If ASA did not receive a completed inventory submission for Spring 2018 THE by the deadline of December 15, 2017, and you participated in Spring 2017 THE, your herd was late enrolled on January 9, 2018. Your account was invoiced $16.00/dam for each dam listed on your preliminary inventory. The good news is you have 30 days to adjust your inventory for credit. Continue reading for instructions on what needs to be done.

IMPORTANT: You have until February 15, 2018, to adjust your inventory for credit.  An inventory update can be submitted online, or by email, fax or mail.

If you submit an adjusted inventory prior to February 15, 2018, here’s what you can expect to happen.

Option A: Enrolled dams will be invoiced $16.00/dam. Removed females will be credited the full $16.00 fee that was charged initially.

Option B: Enrolled dams will be invoiced $1.00/dam. Removed females will be credited the full $16.00 fee that was charged initially.

Option C: Enrolled dams will be invoiced $8.50/dam. Removed females will be credited the full $16.00 fee that was charged initially.

To get started, log-in to Herdbook Services and submit an adjusted enrollment today by following these steps.

Go to Data Entry, select Online.
There are 4 tabs on the left, you should be on Inventory.
Below the calf reporting graph there is a blue button that says
Update 2018 – Spring THE Cow Inventory
Screenshot from 2018-01-09 13-46-56

This will start an online job that lists each female enrolled from your preliminary inventory.  You will need to update each female on the list with a primary code. If the dam needs to remain on enrollment, assign her a code between 0-6.  If the dam needs to be removed, assign her a code between 60-82.  For a list of enrollment/removal codes, click on the blue column header for Primary Code and a help box will come up. You may need to scroll down to view all the codes.

Since your dams were late enrolled, each of them loads with a T in the A/B/C/N column.  If the female is remaining on enrollment, you will update the T to either an A, B, or C, depending on which option you’re enrolling in for 2018.  To review the different enrollment options, click here. If the female is being removed from inventory, update the T to an NN stands for not enrolling, removed from the herd. If you wish to pay half the fees that are due now and be invoiced later on in 2018 for the other half, make sure to place an H in the BillCode column on at least one female you are enrolling.  Once you have updated each female on the list, go to the top right-hand corner of your screen and select Submit Data.  It will run through error checks and one of the following two things will happen.

A button that says Proceed to Billing will appear. Click on it, which takes you to the invoicing screen where you will be issued the credit of $16.00/dam and then charged according to how many dams/which option they’re being enrolled in.  Either select Add Payment(enter in debit/credit card for payment) or Hold Until Payment Received (mailing a check).  If you add payment, make sure to select Final Submit so the job finishes through completion.

A button that says *Edit Job appears, this means there are errors in your job that need to be corrected before it can be submitted.  Click on Edit Job, which takes you back to your spreadsheet so you can fix the errors.  If you need assistance cleaning up errors please contact our office at 406.587.4531 and press the number 5 to be connected to THE department. *It is possible the edit job button appears because your account is not in compliance with 2016 calf data reporting or previous years. If that happens, click here to view examples on how to clean up compliance.

If you prefer to complete your adjustment via paper submission THE packets will be mailed out on January 10, 2018.  Fill out the paper enrollment and postmark to ASA by February 15, 2018.

Email the@simmgene.com or contact our office at 406.587.4531 for assistance.