DNA Results – Realistic Expectations

Once you have collected a DNA sample either utilizing an ASA provided kit or a lab provided sample card, you are responsible for mailing the sample along with official ASA 2D barcode/paperwork to the GeneSeek lab.

Once GeneSeek receives the sample it is expected to enter processing within 3-5 business days as long as proper paperwork has been filed with ASA. Hair samples will see a longer turnaround time since they are only processed one time per week. Allflex TSUs and blood are the preferred sampling methods.

If samples arrive without official ASA paperwork/2D barcode stickers, they will NOT be placed in to test until the appropriate requests have been filed. This can add anywhere from 7-14 days to the turnaround time, depending on communication between ASA and the submitting member. Please do not mail samples without proper ASA documentation.

It will take approximately 4 weeks for results to be reported to ASA. This time can vary depending on the time of year or type of testing requested. Keep in mind, December through March are the highest volume months and samples may be in test longer than other months.

There is NO WAY TO EXPEDITE DNA testing at GeneSeek.

Once results are reported to ASA from GeneSeek, members will receive reports of testing either via email (if email address is listed on the account) or by mail. At this time testing fees will be invoiced to the ASA member’s account.

If the animal is registered/on-file in the database, all results are viewable if the owner is logged into Herdbook Services by searching the animal record and clicking on DNA details. Click here for more information on how to view DNA reports.

If you have additional questions please email dna@simmgene.com or call our office at 406.587.4531 and choose 4 to be connected to the DNA department.