Fall 2018 THE Enrollment – OPEN

Quick Instructions

  1. Select Herdbook Online Services

  2. Log In by entering

  • 6-digit member number (zero filled example: 000317)

  • Password

  1. Under Data Entry select Online

  2. On the inventory tab make sure the year selected is 2018 and the season is Fall

  3. Choose Update 2018 – Fall THE Cow Inventory button

– This will load your preliminary inventory into the spreadsheet with a row for each female
Screenshot from 2018-04-27 10-03-08

  1. At the top right hand corner, select Options, Auto Fill
    Screenshot from 2018-04-27 10-06-39

  2. Under Column 1 select THE-A/B/C/N and in the blank box to the right fill in the Option you are enrolling in, for example A

  3. Under Column 2 select THE-Bill Code and in the blank box to the right fill in either an H for half of the fees or an F to pay the full amount now
    Screenshot from 2018-04-27 10-11-23

  4. Select Auto Fill

  5. Now go down your inventory and for the dams being removed place a removal code in the primary code column and change the A/B/C/N column to an N

  6. For dams being enrolled, enter in an enrollment code in the primary code column or leave blank if no special code is needed. Keep in mind if the dam is a commercial female or registered with another breed association you can enroll them in any option, regardless of how the registered Simmental females are enrolled.
    Screenshot from 2018-04-27 10-23-00

  7. Add any additional females at the bottom of the job on a blank row by their ASA registration numbers. If a blank row is not available, click the cursor in to the last row and hit your enter key a few times to create blank rows

  8. Please see numbers 15-16 below for instructions on how to submit your job through completion

Detailed Instructions (use 1-5 listed above)

  1. Update Inventory

  • If the dam is remaining in your herd, enter appropriate Enrollment code in Primary Code column or leave blank if no special code is needed

  • If the dam has been removed from your herd, enter a Removal Code in the Primary Code column. To designate a second reason for removal (optional), you may enter a Removal Code in the Addtnl Code column as well.

  • A/B/C/N Enrollment Type If you are enrolling in Option Aplace an A in this column. For Option Bplace a B in the column. For Option C place a C in this column. For Option D place a D in this column. If the cow is being removed from the herd place an N in the column.

  • Remarks You may use this column if you wish to have additional remarks on a dam. This column is for member use only, ASA will not adjust enrollment based on this column.

  • Bill Code This column is to be used by members to indicate how you would like to be billed for your enrollment. A “H” in this column indicates you wish to pay half the enrollment fee at time of submission. The other half of the fees will be billed in the second half of the same year. An “F” indicates to pay the full THE fee at the time of submission. If nothing is entered or column is left blank, a “F” is assumed.

  • To add cows: (Scroll down to a blank row. If you do not have a blank row, click on your last dam and hit your enter key. This will create a blank row.)

      • Cows on file with ASA*, enter ASA number in AnmRegNbr column

      • Cows not on file with ASA*, enter tattoo in the AnmTatt column, enter birthdate in BirthDt and breed(s) in Brdcds column.

*Please note: If your dam has had a calf reported to her or has been enrolled in THE previously, she will have a number in ASA’s system. Please enter that number into the AnmRegNbr column so that a new dam record does not get created.

  1. If there are Errors and/or Warnings

  • Errors (indicated in red at beginning of row) or Warnings (indicated in purple at beginning of row)

  • Move cursor to the top of spreadsheet and select tab labeled Errors or Warnings

      • Screen will display each error or warning

      • Errors must be corrected before submitting data to ASA

      • Warnings may need to be corrected before submitting to ASA

      • Jobs may be submitted to ASA with warnings, but not errors

  1. Once all cows have been given an enrollment or at least one removal code and there are not any errors, select Submit Data

  • A new page will display; if there are no errors, a Proceed to Billing link will be available

  • Select the Proceed to Billing link to display a billing summary. THE is billed at the time of submission, so you will have an invoice amount due if you are enrolling in Option A or C (after the first deadline all options (A, B or C) will have a balance due).

  • Choose one of the following to complete your job:

    • If you wish to complete payment with a credit card select Add Payment. Enter in your credit card information and select confirm. You will then need to select the button Final Submit (Only click once). A screen will then show an invoice that you can print and store in your records. It should also say Invoice Status : Complete.

    • If you would rather mail a check to ASA, select Hold Until Payment Received. A screen will then show an invoice with the current amount due that you can print and store in your records. Note: enrollments will not be completed until payment is received, however, by submitting pending payment you are securing the current enrollment rate.

  1. To save job and return later, select Save and Exit. The job will remain in an incomplete status under your account. Please be aware that billing will work off the submission date, not the date the job was initiated.

***Please double check to make sure your inventory job is complete. If you go to Data Entry, select Online and on the left hand side choose Incomplete Jobs. If your

Inventory Dam 2018 F job is listed with a button that says Resume, it is at an incomplete status. Select Resume and submit your job through completion.

  1. Submit your inventory by June 15, 2018 to ensure the lowest possible THE

enrollment fees. All rates are listed below.

Option A (TR) Option B (SR) Option C

On/Before June 15 $15.00 FREE $7.50

After June 15 $16.00 $1.00 $8.50

*If you miss the June 15, 2018 deadline and were enrolled for Fall 2017:

  • All of your dams on the preliminary inventory generated by ASA will be enrolled in Option A at $16.00 each.

  • Members will have until August 1, 2018 to make adjustments to their inventory (the same way as enrolling) including a choice to change from Option A to Option B or C. (THE fees will be adjusted if you change to Option B or C within the 30 days).

Note: If adjustments are not made by August 1, 2018, your preliminary inventory will be accepted as is (including enrolled in Option A, regardless of previous year’s option). There is a $1.00 late-enrollment fee that will not be refunded.

If you need assistance please call (406) 587-4531 and enter in the number 5 to be connected to THE department or email THE@simmgene.com

Spring 2017 Calf Data Reporting/Compliance

Spring 2017 compliance reporting is now in effect. What does this mean? It means that each dam enrolled on your Spring 2017 THE inventory needs to either have a calf reported or a productivity code (the reason why she did not calve). If the reporting requirement has not been met, your account is considered to be in non-compliance and you will not be able to process any registrations/transfers until the data has been turned in. There are three ways to submit the compliance information: online, spreadsheet or by paper submission.


Log-in to Herdbook Services
Go to Data Entry, select Online
There are four tabs on the left, select the bottom one, Manual Job
Under Job Type, leave it as selected in Animal Data Reporting
Enter in a Job Title, i.e., Last of 2017 calf data
From the right under default groups, select the last one, Dams Not in Compliance
Click the black dot into As Dams
Select Start New Job
This will start an online job that lists all of the dams lacking data for the 2017 spring calving season. If the dam had a 2017 born calf you will enter the calf information. If she did not calve, report a productivity code and the productivity year as 2017.
Screenshot from 2018-04-02 09-20-13

Keep in mind, if you are not reporting a 2017 calf record, you will need to record a productivity code for the female indicating why she did not calve in the calendar year 2017.  The productivity columns are located under the BrthDam tab.  Click on the Productivity column header for a help box that displays the 11 different codes you can choose from.  Next, you will need to fill in the productivity year, which in this case is 2017.  By reporting a productivity code, you are informing the database that this dam did not have a calf in the calendar year 2017.  There will not be any calf data information listed under the Animal tab for this female, just a productivity code and year under the BrthDam tab. Note: A productivity code should only be used if there is not any calf data to report for the given year and cannot be used in addition to calf data, it’s either a calf is being reported or a productivity code, not both.

Dam Prod (Dam Productivity) – Use if there is no calf to report
1 = Calf/Calves Stillborn
2 = Aborted
3 = Not Exposed to calve in given season/year
5 = ET Donor
6 = ET Recipient
7 = Exposed and Failed to Conceive—Moved to Next Season
8 = Exposed and Failed to Conceive—Moved to Next Year
9 = Exposed and Failed to Conceive—Removed from Herd
10 = Calving Interval Overlaps Season (Dec-Jan) (Jun-Jul)
11 = Bred—but Sold, Removed or Died Prior to Calving
12 = Cow Calved—Calf Not Found Intact or at All
Productivity Reporting

Download/Upload Spreadsheet

Log-in to Herdbook Services
Go to Data Entry, select Download
From the left under default groups, select the last one, Dams Not in Compliance
On the right under Animal Entry, select Standard File
Under Download File, select As Dams
Select Document type, i.e., MS Excel
Select Download
This will open a spreadsheet that lists all of the dams lacking data for 2017 spring calving season.  If the dam had a 2017 born calf you will go ahead and enter the information.  If she did not calve, report a productivity code and the productivity year as 2017.  After you have filled in the spreadsheet with the necessary information you can either go back to Herdbook Services and upload your file or email to the@simmgene.com and we can process it for you.
Screenshot from 2016-04-08 10:08:00

Paper Submission

Contact ASA and request a non-compliance packet be mailed out to you.  You will receive a form containing all of your dams that need data reported for 2017 along with any other years your herd is missing data.

Once the non-compliance information has been entered, your account will immediately be considered to be in compliance with THE reporting requirements and you will be able to submit registration/transfers requests at will.

If you have any questions or concerns about THE and compliance reporting please email the@simmgene.com or contact our office at 406.587.4531 and select option 5 to be connected to THE department.