Reporting Udder Scores

By Emme Troendle and Dr. Jackie Atkins

In the last year, the ASA added udder scores as an optional phenotype on Herdbook. The best time to assess udder scores is within 24 hours of calving, preferably by the same person. There are two scores to record, one for udder suspension and one for teat length. If variation exists between the quarters of the udder, record the weakest quarter.

Here are the Beef Improvement Federation guidelines for proper udder scoring:

 Udder Suspension and Teat Size Scores.

Unsound udders and teats are associated with a reduced productive life and inferior calf performance. The scoring system described below is designed to help producers evaluate differences in udder and teat quality of beef cows.

Udder suspension and teat size scores are numerical values that reflect differences in udder and teat quality. Udder suspension scores are subjective assessments of udder support and range from 9 (very tight) to 1 (very pendulous; not desired). Teat size scores are subjective assessments of teat length and circumference and range from 9 (very small) to 1 (very large; not desired).


How to Report Udder Scores

In Herdbook, members record a two-digit number for udder and teat scores. The first digit represents the udder suspension, and the second digit represents the teat size. For example, if a cow has an intermediate udder suspension score of 5 and a large teat size score of 3, the member would enter 53 into the udder score column on Herdbook.

  1. Log into Herdbook and start a job. (you can start a blank manual job or load your cows by season into a job)
  2. Once the dam is loaded by registration or on-file number in the “DamRegNbr” field, Select “BrthDam” Tab. screen shot 2019-01-15 at 2.45.36 pm
  3. Input the udder score, teat score and date.picture1
  4. Submit job through completion.
    1. Hit “Submit Data”Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 2.53.55 PM.png
    2. Select “Proceed to Billing”Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 2.54.32 PM.png
    3. Hit “Final Submit”
      Screen Shot 2019-01-15 at 2.55.32 PM.png