Which genomic panel is right for you?

Seedstock breeders are quickly increasing their use of genomic testing to improve the accuracy of EPDs quickly through one simple test.

The table below shows how many progeny records it takes for an animal without genomics to have the same BIF accuracy as the young animal with genomics (but no progeny).  In other words, EPD on a genotyped 1-month-old calf will be as accurate as an animal with birth weights on 21 calves, weaning weights on 22 calves, etc.  The carcass traits represent actual carcass records, not ultrasound records.

CE 15 STAY 25
MCE 3 CW 6
BW 21 MRB 8
WW 22 REA 5
YW 24 FAT 6
MLK 18 DOC 19

It is important to note, continued collection of phenotypic records remains a vital part of genetic predictions.  DNA testing will never replace the need to record and submit phenotypes.

As of January 2019, the American Simmental Association offers three genomic panels with varying DNA marker volumes, additional content, and price.  It can be a challenge to decipher the best panel for your situation.  Here, we help provide the main differences in these panels and how to find the to best fit your needs.

Genomic Panel Options:

  1.  GGP (GeneSeek® Genomic Profiler) High Density (HD):  offers the highest number of DNA markers (150,000), parentage, and additional content.  The GGPHD is best used in your high impact animals. $90/test
  2.  GGP Low Density (LD): offers 47,000 DNA markers, parentage, and additional content.  The GGPLD provides nearly the same level of increased accuracy of the EPDs as the GGPHD and has the benefit of additional trait testing (for instance, coat color or horned polled) at a reduced rate compared to testing those traits independent of a genomic panel.  $50/test
  3. GGP ultra low density (GGPuLD): the least expensive option with 33,000 DNA markers and parentage but no additional content is available. The uLD works best in lines of cattle that are well represented (not obscure bloodlines with few genotyped animals for reference) and in cattle that aren’t going to have a large impact in future genetics.  $33/test

To decide which panel best fits your needs, walk through the following decision tree:


Which Genomic Panel is Right For You?

All animals with a genomics test need to be placed on file with the ASA first so the DNA testing has a unique international ID for use in the genetic evaluation.  Here are some helpful articles on placing an animal on file.

How to place an animal on file

Common questions about placing an animal on file

Contact the ASA’s DNA department to help complete your DNA testing dna@simmgene.com or 406-587-4531.