Transfers Mean Opportunity

Whether you are an ASA member, junior member, or sales manager taking the time to complete transfers to the new owners has many benefits:

  1. Keeps your inventory more current by removing them from your animal list.
  2. Provides outstanding service to the customer.
  3. Promotes the Simmental breed.
  4. Brings new owners into the Simmental community through a SimTalk subscription
  5. First transfer on any animal in the database is FREE.

Do you have buyers who don’t want to receive certificates?  If so, still transfer the animal/s by following the steps below but under the Animal tab in the certificate column enter a “N” for No certificates.  By doing this, it allows you to accomplish the five steps above.

Did You Know: ASA uses transfers as a metric to gauge how SimGenetics are doing in the commercial beef industry.

How easy is it to transfer?  There are two ways you can transfer:

1.Fill out the transfer portion of the certificate and mail or fax to ASA and let us do the work for you at no extra charge.  If you mail or fax the paperwork to us, we ask you to provide the buyer name, address, date of sale and if transferring females whether they are open or bred.  If bred, provide the sire registration number and the AI date or pasture in and out dates.

Certificate A.jpg

Certificate B.jpg

2.You can save yourself the mailing cost and transfer the animal online. Remember, THE 1ST TRANSFER OF THE ANIMAL IS FREE, regardless of the date it was soldHere is step-by-step instructions on how to transfer online:

If you have animals sold without papers, you can send the certificates back to ASA with a note stating they were sold without papers.  We will update them accordingly.

Transfers can also be done on! Click here for instructions.

For further details feel free to contact the ASA Customer Service team at or 406-587-4531.