How to Order a DNA Kit

If you’re getting ready to do some DNA testing on animals, here are the instructions on how to request a DNA kit from ASA.

#1 – Gather information on the animal. If the animal is registered, provide ASA with a registration number. If the animal is unregistered the following information is needed to generate a DNA kit/paperwork: animal tattoo, sex, sire and dam’s registration numbers. NOTE: If you wish to run a GGP-HD/GGP-LD panel on the animal it MUST be registered/on file with ASA prior to requesting a DNA kit.

#2 – Call/email/fax ASA to request a DNA kit. Indicate whether you wish to have a blood blotter card(lab prefers) or hair collector card(additional $3.00/animal fee) mailed out. You may use the DNA kit request form located on, fill out and send to ASA. ASA will then generate/mail out your DNA kit.
Office – 406.587.4531      Email –    Fax – 406.587.9301

The mailed kit will include a blood blotter/hair collector card*, instructions and a self-addressed envelope with the lab’s address.
*NOTE: If you already have a hair/blood collector card on hand, contact ASA and provide the barcode on the card, along with information from #1. Paperwork will be generated and either emailed/faxed, with a standard 24-hour turnaround.

#3 – Indicate testing to be completed on sample:

  • GGP-HD*(includes parent verification(PV) and diluter) $90.00
    *required on all AI sires and Donor Dams
  • GGP-LD(includes parent verification(PV) and diluter) $50.00
    -recommended for herd sires and replacement heifers
  • Parent Verification(PV) $30.00
    -required on purchased embryos or when the applicant on the registration is not associated with the owner of the donor dam
  • Genetic Defects $25.00/each
  • Horned/Polled $50.00
  • Coat Color(homozygous black) $20.00
  • Red Charlie(RC) – $7.00
  • Diluter(silver diluter) $20.00
  • Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation(OH) – $25.00
  • BVD-PI $5.00

Bundling discounts apply if you request the following testing at the same time:

  1. GGP-HD, Horned/Polled, Coat Color – $135.00 ($25.00 discount applied to account once all results completed).
  2. GGP-LD, Horned/Polled, Coat Color – $100.00 ($20.00 discount applied to account once all results completed).
  3. Parent Verification, Horned/Polled, Coat Color – $90.00 ($10.00 discount applied to account once all results completed).

#4 – Once you receive your DNA Kit, collect the sample and mail it, along with the ASA paperwork, to GeneSeek, Inc., 4131 N. 48th St., Lincoln, NE 68504.


Ordering a DNA Kit

To order a DNA kit, follow these steps:

1) Email or call ASA with this information:

  • ASA registration number*
    *If the animal is unregistered we will need the tattoo, sex, sire and dam’s registration numbers
  • If you wish to have the GGP-HD testing ran the animal must be registered/on file with ASA in order for a kit to be sent
  • Testing you wish to have done
    i.e., GGP-HD, parent verification, genetic defects, horned/polled, coat color, dilutor, etc. Click Here for the pricing list.
  • You can fill out the DNA kit request form and email/fax/mail it to ASA with the above information which we will use to generate your kits.  Click here for the pdf version.

2) If you have a blood blotter(lab prefers) or hair collector on hand for the sample, we will need the above information in addition to the barcode off of the card.  We can then generate the paperwork to go along with your sample to GeneSeek. The only animals that should not use a blood blotter card are twins and requests for BVD-PI testing.

Remember, if you mail a sample to the lab, GeneSeek, without proper ASA paperwork it will delay the animal being placed into testing and you could be accessed additional fees.

If you have any questions let us know at