DNA Pricing – American Simmental Association

As of November 9, 2017, the DNA pricing schedule has changed. Below is an updated list of current DNA pricing:

Genomic Testing Available – DNA Enhanced EPDs
(includes PV, diluter and add-on pricing) – $90.00
   –GGP-HD is required to qualify animal as an AI sire/Donor dam
+Coat Color – $9.00
+Horned/Polled – $19.00
+Genetic Condition Panel – $17.00
+Contractural Arachnodactyly(CA) – $11.00

*GGP-LD(includes PV, diluter and add-on pricing) – $50.00
+Coat Color – $9.00
+Horned/Polled – $19.00
+Genetic Condition Panel – $17.00
+Contractural Arachnodactyly(CA) – $11.00

*GGP-uLD(includes PV, no add-ons available) – $33.00

Standalone Test Pricing
*Parent Verification(PV) – $18.00
*Horned/Polled – $33.00
*Coat Color(homozygous black) – $20.00
*Red Charlie(RC) – $15.00
*Diluter – $20.00
*Oculocutaneous Hypopigmentation(OH) – $25.00
*Contractural Arachnodactyly(CA) – $25.00
*Genetic Condition Panel – $34.00
+(AM, NH, DD, TH, PHA, OS)

Sampling Method Choices
Allflex Tissue Sampling Units(TSUs) – $2.00/ea, boxes of 10
Allflex TSU Applicator – $35.00
Blood Cards – FREE
Hair Cards – $5.00 processing fee
-Customer pays all shipping costs associated with TSUs or cards ordered in bulk.

To view a complete pricing sheet and DNA paperwork request form, click here.
To learn more about the different tests, click here.

All hair sample submissions will be invoiced an additional $5.00/sample processing fee. Beware that hair samples take longer to process once they arrive at the lab so an increase in turnaround time should be expected.

To order a DNA kit, click here and fill out the spreadsheet. Once you have entered in the required information, email spreadsheet to dna@simmgene.com so we can get your kits in the mail.

If you have any questions email dna@simmgene.com.

Cow Herd DNA Roundup(CHR) Research Project a collaboration with GeneSeek, Inc.
CHR50K(includes PV, diluter and add-on pricing) – $20.00
+Coat Color – $9.00
+Horned/Polled – $19.00
+Genetic Condition Panel – $17.00
For more specifics on participating in CHR, click here.
If you have any questions email cowdna@simmgene.com.



DNA Samples – Hair Sample Price Increase

Effective immediately all hair sample submissions will be invoiced $5.00/sample. This is a processing fee charged by our licensed lab, GeneSeek, Inc. It is a great time to explore your other DNA sampling type options.

  • Allflex Tissue Sampling Units(TSUs) are available for $2.00/ea and come in boxes of 10. The TSU applicator is $35.00.
    • Benefits of utilizing TSUs:
      • TSUs are the lab preferred sampling method since they can be processed the most efficiently by the lab, leading to optimum turnaround time for results to be reported.
      • Samples can be collected on newborn calves, no need to wait.
      • Samples can be collected on twins.
      • Decrease in samples that end in a Sample Fail (No Results) compared to blood/hair.
      • Samples can be stored at room temperature for short term and should be frozen for long-term storage.
  • Blood sample cards are available at no additional cost to the member.
    • Benefits of utilizing blood cards:
      • Samples can be processed more efficiently at the lab, leading to a decrease in turnaround time for results to be reported.
      • Samples can be collected on newborn calves, no need to wait.
      • Samples can be stored at room temperature for long length of time as long as they were collected properly.
    • Cons to utilizing blood cards:
      • Samples cannot be collected on twins since they could have shared the same blood source in-utero.
      • The sample fail rate for blood samples is at 3%.

If you would like to visit with a customer service representative about your specific herd needs please call 406.587.4531 and enter in the #4 on the automated message to be connected to the DNA department or email dna@simmgene.com and we can assist you.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…DNA Results!

Once you have collected a DNA sample either utilizing an ASA provided kit or a lab provided sample card you are responsible for mailing the sample along with official ASA 2D barcode/paperwork to the GeneSeek lab.

GeneSeek places samples into test on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for ASA. Once GeneSeek receives the sample it is expected to enter processing within 3-5 business days.

It will take 3-4 weeks for results to be reported to ASA. This time can vary depending on the time of year or type of testing requested.

There is NO WAY TO EXPEDITE DNA testing at GeneSeek.

Once results are reported to ASA from Geneseek, members will receive reports of testing either via email(if email is listed on the account) or by mail and at this time testing fees will be invoiced to the ASA member’s account.

Almost all results are viewable in Herdbook Services by searching the animal record and clicking on TraitTrac.

If you have additional questions please email dna@simmgene.com or call our office at 406.587.4531 and hit the number 3 to be connected to the DNA department.


New DNA Sampling Method – AllFlex TSUs

Allflex Tissue Sampling Units for DNA Testing

AllFlex has a method for collecting DNA Samples that ASA has recently embraced. This new form of sampling is being offered as another way to collect DNA and submit for all the tests we offer through ASA. The Tissue Sampling Unit (TSU) kit offers another way for producers to properly and successfully collect and submit DNA samples, even on newborn calves. To order your TSU kit please contact the DNA Department and we can mail you a kit. The start up costs are $35 for the TSU applicator and $2 per TSU ordered (increments of 10). The TSUs come in a box of 10 ($20) and Allflex recommends that you store them at room temperature prior to use (for a maximum period of 12 months). Member will also be responsible for shipping charges via UPS for the applicator and TSUs.
For more information on ordering these kits please contact the DNA department by phone 406-587-4531 or email dna@simmgene.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Box of TSU $20 (includes 10 TSU)
Applicator $35
Mailing TSU Samples to GeneSeek
When you have successfully collected your sample, please contact the DNA department at dna@simmgene.com and provide the following information: Account Number, Animal ID/Registration Number, TSU Bar code(displayed on the side of the TSU), and the tests you would like to have done. We will then process your DNA request and email you paperwork with instructions to send to the lab. The new DNA paperwork will have 2D barcode(s) and all you have to do is print and mail with the sample(s) to the lab. We recommend mailing your samples UPS ground since the samples may pop open if flown due to the pressure.

DNA Testing – Lab and ASA Holiday Schedule

If you are planning on submitting DNA samples for testing in the next few weeks please review GeneSeek’s holiday schedule listed below.  The lab will be closed on the following dates, so that means samples will not be received or logged in to test until the following business day they are open.

Friday, December 23
Monday, December 26
Friday, December 30
Monday, January 2

If you are shipping blood tubes or raw tissue you will need to make sure it does not arrive at the lab any of the above dates.  DNA testing and results may experience delays during the holiday season.

The ASA offices will be closed the following days in observance of the Holidays.

Friday, December 23
Monday, December 26
Monday, January 2

If you have any questions on the above schedules please contact ASA via email dna@simmgene.com or call 406.587.4531 and press #3 to be connected to the DNA department.


DNA – Your Insurance Policy

We are continuously asked the following questions in the DNA department.
“How many more genetic defect tests will be developed?”
“How can I best protect my herd if something comes up down the road?”
“If my sire/dam has a clear TraitTrac, will that always be the case?”

The answer to all of these questions is simple.  Protect and insure your herd.  No, I do not mean that you need to call your local insurance representative and take out a policy, but what I do mean is you do need to start taking the necessary steps to properly protect your genetic investments. There will always be new DNA testing that is constantly coming about and being introduced in to the industry, that is a fact.  Whether it is a few months down the road, a year or even ten years, it’s coming.  What is important to remember is each animal, including you, has genetic defects.  It is up to you, as the breeder, to evaluate each animal/defect, determine the economic impact and decide whether they will be retained in the herd as a breeding animal.

Naturally, your next question is, “what’s the best way to start collecting DNA insurance on my herd?” The answer is once again, a fairly easy one.  After you have finished calving or prior to weaning, or if you’re planning on working the entire herd through the chute any time soon, call ASA and order blank DNA cards.  Blood cards are supplied free of charge and you can order any amount you wish.  Keep in mind, if an animal is a twin, you’ll need to pull a hair sample instead of a blood sample since twins can share the same blood source in-utero so oftentimes a blood sample will end in a No Results(NR). When the animal comes through the chute, collect a blood sample on the card.  Label the card and place it in a secure location, out of the elements, such as a safe or desk drawer.  Every animal that steps foot or is born on your ranch, should have a DNA sample collected and stored.  Whether you ever have to submit the sample for testing or not, it’s better to have it and not need it, than to not have it.  By collecting a sample on each animal, you’re insuring that if a DNA test becomes available somewhere down the road, you can submit that one sample for testing and depending on the result, further testing may not be necessary on any other animals.  You can potentially save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of testing by taking the time to secure a DNA sample on each animal and store it. Yes, this includes your AI sires and donor dams which are required to have a DNA sample submitted through the Association.  Go ahead, take an extra sample, or two, especially on the high impact animals.  It never hurts to have extra samples stored for use at a later date if it becomes necessary.

As the spring calving season is coming to a close, herd bulls are being turned out, AI sires are going to stud and donor dams are being flushed, take a moment, order some blank cards and start stockpiling a DNA sample on every animal. I can guarantee you, it’s the best way to prepare for the future of DNA technology and at the same time, insure your genetic investments.

If you have questions on the above information or would like more information, email dna@simmgene.com or call our office at 406.587.4531 and select #3 from the menu options.


DNA Lab Holiday Hours

Our licensed lab, GeneSeek, Inc. will be closed the following upcoming days in observance of the holidays.

Thursday, December 24, and Friday, December 25, 2015

Thursday, December 31, 2015, and Friday, January 1, 2016

Please plan for DNA testing to be a little delayed during the next few weeks because of the holiday season. If you’re mailing samples to the lab via USPS, keep in mind the USPS moves slower during this time of year so it’s not unheard of for mail to take longer to reach it’s final designation.  To ensure prompt delivery of your samples along with a signature of receipt, you may want to consider using Fed-Ex, UPS or the USPS express mail.

Listed below are the current estimated turn-around times for results to be posted after the sample has entered testing.  Keep in mind that ASA posts results as they become available, so if there are multiple tests being ran on an animal the results may be reported at different times, not all at once.

Estimated Turnaround Times
GGP-HD – 4-5 weeksGGP-LD – 3-4 weeks
Parent Verification(only) – 2-3 weeks
Horned/Polled – 2-3 weeks
Coat Color – 2-3 weeks
Dilutor – 2-3 weeks
Genetic Defect Testing – 2-3 weeks
BVD-PI – 5 days

If you have specific questions on DNA testing please contact ASA at dna@simmgene.com or 406.587.4531.